DEAC Cluster


The WFU DEAC Cluster facility is supported by full time, technical staff dedicated solely for high performance computing. The current staff members supporting the clusters can be found on our "About Us" staff page.

Users of the facility can find support for their activities or any difficulties they are having in one of the following locations:

  • Cluster Support Wiki - This site provides users with "self help" information, such as how to use the various cluster resources, frequently asked questions, software documentation, and tutorials that have been offered.

  • Request Tracker Email Support - deac-help AT Support system used by the facility to receive service requests from users via email. The system handles communication between staff and cluster users so that any available staff member may respond to the request in order to more efficiently resolve the matter. Any request may be sent to this email address, such as: problems with using the cluster, information requests, feature/software/documentation requests, etc.
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