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Thesis and Dissertation

The following Masters Thesis and Doctoral Dissertations were completed with assistance from the WFU DEAC Computational Cluster.

For information about our current graduate students using the cluster, please visit the Graduate Research page.

Information about our support of undergraduate student research, please visit the Undergraduate Research page.

Ph.D Dissertations

  • Yonas Abraham, "Electronic states near surfaces -- a) Analysis of calculation methods using semi-infinite boundary conditions; b) Sensitive detection using laser photoelectron spectroscopy", PhD Physics (2004)
  • Blythe Ashcraft, "Carbon-Hydrogen Stretching Vibrational Transitions:Experimental and Computational Studies", PhD Chemistry (2007)
  • Michael Budiman, "DNA specificity and biological impact of a platinum acridinylthiourea conjugate", PhD Chemistry (2006)
  • Doug Bonessi, "Optical Forces and Torques: Theory and Experiment", PhD Physics (2008)
  • Kevin Conley, "A Dirac All-Electron Basis and Spin-Orbit Coupled Projector Implementation of the Projector Augmented Wave Method for Atomic Systems", PhD Physics (2008)
  • Andrew Graham, "Nucleation Rates for One-Dimensional Stochastic Systems with Asymmetric Quartic Potentials, Brownian Noise and Damping", PhD Physics (1999)
  • Jason Grigsby, "Analyzing and Improving Initial Data for Binary Black Holes", PhD Physics (2009)
  • William Hirsch, "Quantum Effects of the Massles Spin One-Half Field in Static Spherically Symmetric Black Hole and Wormhole Spacetimes", PhD Physics (2009)
  • William Hodge, "Constrained Variational Calculation of Second-Order Reduced Density Matrices for Hubbard Rings", PhD Physics (2008)
  • Guanghui Lei. Physics (1998-2004)
  • Matthew Rave, "Aspects of Berry's Phase in Solid State Physics", PhD Physics (2007)
  • Ping Tang, "Computational Research on Lithium-Ion Battery Materials", PhD Physics (2006)
  • Ye Yuan, "Studies of the Electrostatic Properties of Peroxiredoxins", PhD Physics (2009)

Masters Thesis

  • David Evanich, MS Physics "Aspects of Parametric Resonance in Chaotic Inflation" (2006)
  • Jason Fye, MS Computer Science, "Elucidation of Transcriptional Regulatory Relationships via Information Theoretic Clustering and Consensus Nucleotide Motif Extraction", 2008
  • Richard T. Guy, MA Computer Science, "Machine Learning for Biostatistians: A Hypothesis Driven Approach", 2010
  • Ryan Huff, MS Computer Science, "Active site profiling for identification of functional sites in protein sequences and stuctures", 2005
  • M. Graham Lopez, MS Computer Science "A Computational Method to explore the time-evolution of protein cavities", 2008
  • Amy Olex, MS Computer Science, "Development of novel microarray analysis tools and application to a dendritic cell maturation time course experiment", 2007
  • Edward Pryor, MS Computer Science, "PASSS: Protein Active Site Structure Search", 2006
  • Satria Sajuthi, MS Computer Science, "Refinement of Subnetwork Discovery Algorithm for Biological Networks", 2010
  • Huan Tan, MS Computer Science, "Active Site Profile Scoring With Protein Features", 2006

First Year Rotation Graduate Students

  • Akash Das, Biochemistry, "Molecular dynamic simulation reveals deviation from the fully folded conformation around peroxidatic cysteine in the reduced structure of Tryparedoxin Peroxidase" (2004)
  • Michael Murray, Biochemistry, "Simulation of the Thermal Unfolding Pathway of Two Homologous Protease Inhibitors at Multiple Temperatures" (2005)

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