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The WFU DEAC Cluster is centrally supported and maintained by two full time system administrators. Professional development for our staff is ongoing through annual training allocations from the Information Systems department.

Timothy E. Miller, PhD:
Joining Wake Forest University in July 2002, Dr. Miller has been running and designing Linux Beowulf clusters since 1998. His first objective at WFU was to design and build a new centralized Linux cluster and assist users in the transition from Power-based technologies (today's current IBM pSeries platforms) to Intel-based processors. In addition to that role, Dr. Miller has taught several courses in the Computer Science department related to parallel computing and scripting languages.

Dr. Miller obtained his Ph.D in Physics from Vanderbilt University in May 2002, with a dissertation in experimental high energy nuclear physics. He has adjunct assistant faculty status in the Computer Science and Physics department. He also holds technical certifications from Red Hat (RHCA) and Cisco (CCNA) and currently is the Research Computing Architect in the Information Systems department.
Damian Valles, PhD:
Dr. Valles joined Wake Forest University in January 2014. He was a system administrator for the Electrical and Computer Engineering department as a PhD student for the Linux and cluster team at University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). After graduation, Dr. Valles had a post-doc position at Montana Tech as HPC Application Scientist with the Computer Science department. Dr. Valles obtained his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UTEP in 2011. Master's in Science in Computer Engineering in 2004, and B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2002.

Dr. Valles role is to support DEAC cluster users, maintaining system services, provide help in application implementation, troubleshoot incidents in system & hardware. Provide support to faculty and students in implementing new innovating ideas and research for distributed and parallel environment.
Adam Carlson:
Mr. Carlson joined Wake Forest University in April 2014. As the newest HPC support member, his primary role will be to provide system administration support for the WFU DEAC Cluster.  He will contribute to scripting development, service automation and deployment, as well as integrating new cluster hardware.

Mr. Carlson obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in May 2006, with a minor in Mathematics.  After graduating, he spent ~8 years supporting America's Military at the Joint Warfare Analysis Center where he served as a Storage Administrator, IT Technical Chair, and Linux Team Lead.  He has also obtained certifications from Red Hat, Cisco and Puppet Labs.

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