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The Wake Forest University Distributed Environment for Academic Computing (WFU DEAC) cluster is a centrally supported and professionally staffed research computing resource for the faculty and students of the University. Our primary mission is to provide a stable, robust, and accessible resource that allows the education and research communities to focus on their primary mission.


Aug 2014

Mathematica 9.0.1 & 10.0.0 are now available

July 2014

New 29 UCS Cisco B-series blades are now online: Please check the Wiki Support page for job submission instructions to run on these blades here.

June 2014

Wake Forest Graduate student Cody Stevens has joined the DEAC HPC System Administation team as a Summer Intern.
RStudio IDE has been installed for all three head-nodes.

May 2014

BladeCenter08 (clan08) now has Infiniband capabilities
BladeCenter07 (clan07) now has Infiniband capabilities
RHEL6 update 5 has been performed for all the compute-nodes

Apr 2014

Adam Carlson has joined the DEAC HPC System Administration team. You can read his BIO in the Staff page.

Mar 2014

The RHEL6 update 5 has started for the compute-nodes

Jan 2014

Damian Valles has joined the DEAC HPC System Administration team. You can read his BIO in the Staff page.

Apr 2010

New Support Wiki goes live! Site requires login using your cluster credentials.

Dec 2009

FY10 Annual Purchase brings 28 new Nehalem-based HS22 blades with 48GB of RAM to the cluster, 14 of which are Infiniband capable. Check out the "Resources" page for more information.

Nov 2008

The FY09 Annual Purchase upgrades the entire cluster to 2GB RAM/core and adds an additional 42 HS21XM blades with 8 processing cores/blade. Check out the "Resources" page for more information.

July 2008

Carl Langefeld of Public Health Sciences joins the cluster, expanding the cluster by 35 HS21XM blades, each with 8 processing cores/blade and 2GB RAM/core.

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