The DEAC Cluster is part of the infrastructure in the Information Systems Department

Our primary mission is to provide a stable, robust, and accessible resource that allows the education and research communities to focus on their primary mission.

The Wake Forest University Distributed Environment for Academic Computing (WFU DEAC) cluster is a centrally supported and professionally staffed research computing resource for the faculty and students of the University

Latest News

Jun 2017

2017 Intel Compilers and MKL Files are now available in the cluster. For info: click here

May 2017

Maker 2.31.9 is now available in the cluster. For info: click here

Apr 2017

Details on submitting jobs to GPUs has been added to our Wiki!

Mar 2017

New Wiki Host has taken over the: User Wiki page

MMTSB (Multiscale Modeling Tools for Structural Biology) programs are now available as a module file.

Feb 2017

NAMD 2.12 serial and parallel versions are now available on DEAC.

New Head-Nodes, Computer-Nodes & SLURM Partition. Read about it here in the Notification page.

GLPK GNU 4.61 lib files are now available as a modulefile.

Jan 2017

GCC GNU 4.7.4 Compilers are now available as a modulefile (C/C++/Fortran).